Sunday, October 28, 2007

X Rays and Ray's Ex

An actioned-packed week. X-rays and CT scans to finally reveal bulging disc in C5/6. In common language, a sore neck which also radiated to tingling fingers. Not really painful, just annoying. So then it was back to the chiro for some manipulation over the next few weeks. And plenty of neck exercises, plus commonsense stuff: don't slouch, think about posture generally. I guess we all hear this but it never really sinks in until action is required.

Running continued although without the same level of enthusiasm, at least until Thursday when the CT scan results came through. Work colleagues were supportive: "great news you're not having a stroke". Glad they have a morbid sense of humour. That one didn't occur to me...

So this week
Mon 6am 8k Clean Streets
Tue 6am 10k Clean Streets
Wed 6am 10k new course through The Ponds (new suburb)
Thur 6am 8k Clean Streets
Fri 6am 10k Clean Streets; weights BLC at lunchtime

Boring so far? Not really. I like the early morning run, before it gets too humid and too hot. Unfortunately so does Louie The Fly and his mates. It seems no matter how much Off I spray on, they don't comply.

Sat 7:45am 12k through Beaumont Hills and the new road into and around Rouse Hill Town Centre. I'm looking forward to Stage Two opening in March, as there will be further trails and scenery in general to explore. A good course to end up at Rouse Hill Centenary Park for sprint training.
Weights BLC in afternoon (then lawn mowing, then Bundy Dark n Stormy).

Today was St Mary's 8k Fun Run. As I headed there at 7:45am, I saw Go Girl who was finishing a 30k training run. Great training Nat!

The course was indeed flat, and good for fast times. A Woodstock Runner - Thalia - ran with me all the way and we finished in 38:17/38:18 (ladies first). Thanks Thalia, you paced me well and ensured an honest run.
I'll be back next year - it was well organised, well marshalled, nice community feel and great value at $10 on the day.
An extra bonus was bumping into Jenny, my Uni girlfriend's sister. I hadn't seen her or her husband for 15 years, so it was great to catch up on all the news and see how ex GF was. Jenny herself ran very well as did her daughter.

Off to Melbourne for a few days this coming week, so I plan to do two runs from South Yarra down to and around The Tan, about 10k each. Maybe with a bit of Yarra Path included (it's such a great spot, and perfect weather to run, early mornings this time of year)...

Torpid is how I would describe politics.The fact that we have completed two weeks of the Federal Election campaign is one thing, but the realisation that there is twice as much time left to run ensures one's body is permeated with ennui.
Still, plenty to amuse the avid surfer. My vote this week goes to Happy Joe Happy for his memorable line
"our fear campaign is based on fact"
This is special, and pure gold in my book.
Faced with this obsession about % of ex-union front benchers, I wonder if we could ask Honest John about his team. Do lawyers really represent 20% of the Australian workforce?
Perhaps they need a better representative sample. Maybe include an overseas-trained GP, a Tampa survivor, three people on AWA's and Paul Mcloughlin.

By the way, the PM has a message for all of us: a Liberal Party ad should only be held accountable for its content if it's been aired at least three times. Better start counting...

Abusus non tollit usum

"Exit, stage left"


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    Ha ha, great blog title! Do we give annual awards for that? You'd get my vote :)


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