Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Agony Of Choice

Two weeks since the last post: 106k in 11 runs. Less than 10k average. That's because only one of the runs has been more than 10k, while many have been 8k. Right now, I can't get past 10k. I'll explain.

Melbourne was great as expected: two runs from South Yarra. 12k included two Tan laps, while the 10k headed south along the Yarra via the Yarra Trail.
When I returned, I noticed gradually increasing (as in over a few days) pain at the top of my left leg - almost near the join but not quite. It cuts in about 20 min into the run and gets quite sore until the end. No pain when I'm walking around. It's time for the Physio.
But the Agony Of Choice is whether to get this fixed first or my hairline-cracked tooth, which is more painful and more often eg when I eat. Looks like this is a Crown job, so goodbye $1,300 (less very generous private health fund gap). Sure.
Mrs BB will be phoning tomorrow to discover just how generous this assistance is. My guess is $300. Glad to be contributing so much to this benevelant co-op for so long. Maybe I'll get some shares when the govt sells it off.

So no really exciting runs to report, and I'm unsure about next week's SMC 10k. I hope to get into Valentine Park physio this week and I am guessing racing might be discouraged. Actually, I'll be secretly pleased if it is: it's a struggle getting through 10k, let alone at speed.

Musically, all the oldies are back. I've got Springsteen's "Magic" and give it an A-.
I notice the newly-reformed Daddy Cool have a new CD "The New Cool". That Ross Wilson just won't go away. Might get the CD too. And for Mrs BB, I bought Harry Connick Jr's new one "Oh My Nola". At first hearing it's slick as usual. I think she's waiting for any new releases from Michael Buble or Diana Krall.

Just started reading "House Of Shadows" by the Medieval Murderers, a group of HM writers such as Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson and Michael Jecks.The third in the series, it's an interesting concept that travels well yet again.

At least we can say that we're on the home straight to Election Day. Much merriment and anger has been provided by not just the politicians, but the media, in its endeavour to sway voters. I can thankfully say that I don't read the Daily ToryGraph or Orstrayun, but the Pseph's out there covering the campaign draw one's attention to significant bias.
I mean, look at this
Then read the story and click through to the article. Sloppy journalism? No. Less than subtle attempt to get punters wondering? Yes.

I guess I need to wait three years and hope ED can do a better job of this journalism caper than Greg Milne, Dennis Shanahan or Piers Ackerman currently do.

Roll on 24/11/07...

Gloriosum est iniurias oblivisci

"Exit, stage left"


  • At 9:06 am, Blogger Tesso said…

    What a decision. I'd have to go the tooth. It hurts when you eat and if you don't eat you won't be able to run anyway.

    I just saw James Reyne and Mark Seymour on the tele (seeing them live Friday week) and forget Seinfeld, I reckon you could pass for another Seymour brother :)


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