Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fox On The Run: Sweet!

Since last post, I've run 23 times for 220k. The most interesting was when I took an early weekend jog around the new Ponds estate, and saw up ahead - a fox! Now, we don't live in Sherwood Forest or even Disneyland, so it was unusual to see the little fellow trotting along at a fairly blockbusting pace.

Interestingly, in those 22 runs, I've managed to avoid early mornings other than on three occasions. Those three runs firmed my resolve to try to continue this trend.

Two West Met's have come and gone, and I must say neither were especially enjoyable.
10/05/08 saw the 4k Ermington completed in 19:45, with some tricky XC sections. A cool day added to the ambiance-less feel, along with the lunatic drivers trying to park on a dime.

24/05/08 was worse: Upjohn Park, the second hardest course beckoned, although had I remembered HOW hard it was, I may have simply waved a glad cheerio from a distance. A 4k run of 20:53 was a struggle indeed, and it would be fair to say many runners struggled through with slower-than-usual times. The footbridge 300m from the start is something else: all runners converge to cross a 2m wide wooden bridge, cunningly positioned so you have to turn at right angles to cross. I was surprised no troll emerged to collect tolls.

Other than those two runs, no other competition. After a decent family celebration last night, I wisely chose to avoid a 5:30am start for the SMC, or indeed a 6:30am start for the Blacktown 10k. A balanced view prevailed, so I headed out for a leisurely 10k through Beaumont Hills Smalls Creek bikepath, to be met by Mrs BB and YD at Rouse Hill Centenary Park, from where we proceded to Rouse Hill Shopping Centre for some serious CD and DVD purchases. I ended up with the new James Taylor CD/DVD "One Man Road", and the classic movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Klaatu barada nikto indeed.

As a slight change from the historical mysteries, but in keeping with the historical trend which I feel is particularly relevant for me this month, I'm reading Adam Zamoyski's "Rites Of Peace: The Fall Of Napoleon & The Congress Of Vienna". This 569 page tome is certainly the last word on the 1815 Congress Of Vienna, itself a fascinating study of politics and people. Those diplomats certainly got up to some high-jinks there while "on tour". Would never happen nowadays, I'm sure.

Great to hear Lord Downer has rejected all those plum, high-paying private sector jobs to apparently go back to the front bench and help out Brendan. Should guarantee the next two Fed Elections for Labor. If only he can continue developing Christopher Pyne's superb incarnation as the next Lord D, and get Shadow Foreign Minister for him too.

Avid readers of Cicero would see why Lord D pays attention to nothing:

Cura nihil aliud nisi ut valeas

"Exit, stage left"