Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh January, don't go, don't go

Well well well. I am pretty pleased with my running, statistically speaking.
January 2010 saw 270k, which is a new record for January and the most k's run in a month since August 2008. It must be my Brooks shoes.

Additionally I managed a 15k run yesterday, which was my longest single run since early October 2009: the famous one on holidays to Mooloolaba which generated much discussion on CR about non-friendliness of Mooloolaba runners.

I managed 15k on Friday too, but that was split into two runs: an easy 10k in the morning, and the CR Twilight #11 Doonside 5k in 26:00 min. Weather then was about 14 degrees cooler than last year's run. A nice relaxing run, with even split of the 16-strong group into 5k and 10k. saw Tesso, Johnny Dark, Eagle, Joestat (well I hope so, I gave him a lift), KatieR, Colin & Yolanda, Emjay, Cazzy1; ran the return leg with runhard, marvelled at (winner) Daniel's sharp haircut, and laughed heartily at HillsAths1's 55min 10k prediction. He managed 47:27. Maybe he lifted his legs more.

So one more CR Twilight for me: the Bay Run Reverse on 26/02. Before then, I should be doing a couple more races, such as the Girraween Athletics Club's 3k pre-West Met series in Feb. Then late March, West Met starts. Can't wait.

Good weekend with BB snr visiting: family BBQ, a couple of quiet, reflective drinks and a little bit of shopping. Nice photos of me, Mrs BB, YD, Son, BB snr, and the returned travellers: ED and her boyfriend, a nice guy. You'll notice a couple of staged smiles - all in good fun.

This afternoon's entertainment was a family viewing of "G Force". Recommended for families with youngish kids.

Holidays are over. Back to work tomorrow. Holidays get you to look at things in perspective more, when you aren't caught up in the minutiae of work pressure. What is really important in life?

Bertrand Russell got it right:
If I were a medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to any patient who considered his work important.

"Exit, stage left"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Squashing the whining

Who posts more on Facebook than Blogger? Me. It isn't the same though - Facebook doesn't permit the searing insight and deep analysis one finds in most blogs. Except perhaps Tony Abbott's. If he has one. I know he talks to the Women's Weekly. And that's entertaining enough. I think there's some kind of metaphor in all that, but I might let my educated readers work through it.

I've managed 137k in 14 runs since last post, plus 4 weights sessions. The runs have included 3 races
* SMC 10k (#4)- 53:35 min, pretty tough conditions and satisfying
* Hills 3k time trial - 14:22 min, first one of these for over 2 years, happy with time
* Australia Day Regatta Centre 10k - 49:54, oppressive, humid, no water, very pleased with effort

Tomorrow night is CR Twilight Doonside, with a 10k planned for the morning and just the short (5k) option in the evening. BB senior is staying with us over the weekend. He has holidayed in Melbourne and is travelling home to loved ones in Queensland.

We will discuss the current parlous state of the Victorian squash scene while contemplatively sipping a quiet semillon chardy or so.

in vino veritas

"Exit, stage left"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Satirical sailin' for Palin

Oh the delicious irony: Sarah Palin, that multi-talented Alaskan hockey-mum, that slightly right-of-centre politician, has joined Fox News as political commentator.

Fair enough you say: no ability, should fit in well.

But wait, here's the line that resonates so well:

"I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News. It's wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news."

Superb. Further commentary is redundant. I can't even write about running, my sides need sticky tape, it'll have to wait for another day.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

From rags to riches

Happy 2010 friends and family!

In Sydney, we've had mixed weather: good for NYE with a bit of rain, sun and humidity thrown in.

First race for the year was January 1: the CR Twilight series, held this time at The Bay, running the famous monthly CR 5k challenge in reverse: Hawthorne Pde to Drummoyne Rowers (and back, for 10k starters like me).
I completed the 10k, unlike some who had good intentions but piked out at the 2.5k mark. A shame for me, as I was leading a few of them. Oh well, 54 minutes and comfortable. I managed 11 straight running days (103k),which is my longest streak since 12 in-a-row in Sep 2004 (did 123k then).
Anyway, I went to the Twilight with Joestat and our families, and enjoyed Sook54's tofu kebabs, and a lengthy chat with a few CR's including Rags, whom I had seen but never spoken to before.

Readers with good recall would know Mrs BB's best friend (and her family) moved back to Melbourne a year ago. We were looking at various options for getting down there soon, when out of the blue came an email: "here we come". They drove up for a short visit and we were lucky to see them on Sunday. We hadn't seen them since we went to Melbourne in April, but good friends slot straight into the groove. It was great, hence the "riches" header. Hopefully we'll holiday in Melbourne again in early April.

For now, all planning centres on the "Masterpieces From Paris" exhibition in Canberra. Looks like a February trip, perhaps with a couple of decent runs around Lake Burley Griffin. YD suggests other interesting activities too e.g. Questacon. Should be a good trip.

That's all for now. I'm still overcome with excitement by the stirring second test win today. I think I'd like that DVD...

Ludo Lusi Lusum

"Exit, stage left"