Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Astonished Serendipity

Alert blog readers will be amazed to see a new post just two days after the last, thereby smashing all assumptions (mathematically based) about frequency. It would appear updates now occur based on whim rather than cyclical patterns.
This one is prompted by the discovery that the West Met calendar is out. Although significantly co-ordinated by Hills Athletics members, SW has not yet posted the calendar on the club's or coolrunning's websites.
Nevertheless, Girraween Athletics Club has (found after series web surfing):
Having temporarily retired from the programme last year, I look forward to this year's challenge. I plan to do a strong 10k run each Saturday morning, then complete the short/medium course (2k/4k avg)with my Son - S having retired from soccer at the advanced age of 15. So, motivating him to keep fit will see us completing as much of the calendar as possible (15 runs, Apr through Sep). Having kept an excel file of all my results since 1993, it will be interesting to see what times I do.

It's a great series, ranging over Western Sydney (as the series name suggests). Nice easy ones : Haberfield bike path, Meadowbank bike path. Absolute mongrels : Macquarie Hospital North Ryde, Dundas Upjohn Park. Some with inspiring scenery or near great locations : Emu Plains along the Nepean River, Prospect Reservoir. Some just great for a picnic, drink or play afterwards : West Auburn Duck Creek, Concord Queen Elizabeth 2 Park.
In my experience, always well turned-out, with most Western Sydney Athletics Clubs well represented, including of course Hills Athletics

An addendum from my last post : I forgot to mention that the Saturday 10k run was from Max Ruddock Res Winston Hills at 8.00am, as S was playing cricket there. I therefore saw the Hills Hoofers squad after their weekly training run at 7am. I spoke with the group - some absentees as a number were doing the 6 Foot Track ! I ran with these guys a few times 17 years ago, so well done on consistency George and Alistair et al. A link:

The past two days have been according to plan :
Tue 14/03 8k Clean Streets 6am mild
Wed 15/03 10k Clean Streets 1pm humid

Tuesday's run was interesting, in that I was focusing on lifting my right quad in the correct pattern to ensure BB's body didn't just flip over. Yes, still sore after Sunday's effort.
I forgot to mention : Go Girl has a secret weapon : she doesn't seem to sweat much! Invaluable when concerned about fluid replacement. On the other hand, I think I lost the equivalent of 2 mega Camelbak's on Sunday. The Gatorade powder level dropped substantially.
3.5 weeks to go !!!

Exit, Stage Left

Monday, March 13, 2006

25k but BBBB

At least I'm consistently unreliable in blog updates. A further 9 days since the last, although significant activity has occurred.
Running :
Sat 04/03 14k Rouse Hill/Beaumont Hills 8.30am and warm!
Sun 05/03 14k Home to Kings Langley shops via M7 10am and hot! (Mrs BB saved the day with full support crew essentials)
Mon 06/03 Rest Day
Tue/Wed/Thur 0703-09/03 9k each day extended Clean Streets 6am mild
Fri 10/03 8k Clean Streets 6am mild ; weights at BLC in pm
Sat 11/03 10k Winston Hill/Baulkham Hills 8am pretty warm; weights BLC in pm
Sun 12/03 25k Kings Langley to Eastern Rd Rooty Hill return, via M7 7.30am mighty warm!

Some further details....

Roll on end of Daylight Savings. I can get that real winter feeling for about 3 months from mid May through mid Aug, so don't need the super-dark 6am mid week starts thanks. Still, it's pleasant enough to permit singlets, so it's manageable, although not desirable.
Having upped the k's a little recently (refer previous post), I took a conservative view for Fri and Sat, having confirmed a run with Go Girl for Sunday, on Thursday. "Take it easy, you've got a long run coming up : nothing much, just your longest ever" I thought.
I must say, trying out the Fuel Belt while attempting 25k made it a special day to look forward to. Awakening at 6am, and after two text messages which altered and then confirmed the run plan, I hitched a ride in GG's impressive vehicle (slightly bigger than an H2 Hummer). After navigating the apparently random roadworks on approach, we detoured through much of Lalor Park to get back to Kings Langley. A fascinating and enervating warm up.
The run itself was thoroughly enjoyable; GG kept a consistent and solid pace; my tactics consisted of pointing out landmarks, discussing running etc etc all in an effort to divert focus from how far I was trying to run. Hitting the 12.5k turnaround point was psychologically satisfying, and the run home was AOK.
The post title refers to the fact that BB now has Blood Blisters on toes on both feet; along with sore arms, legs, neck and general lethargy; I feel that I pulled up all right, all things considered. Well done GG - I still don't know how you crunch out all those long-run k's and mix them with time trials. I sense you'll run a powerful GC marathon in July.
Today was a rest day:I attempted to limit walking up and down my office stairs today.

Following the run, we had a family BBQ, where we met ED's boyfriend. A painless experience, as I pointed out to ED. Having a recollection of being 18, I had no wish to inflict on them the permanent trauma I suffered at that age, when meeting young ladies' folks. So, they are both hugely relieved, and life goes on. Must be at least semi-serious, as she has been invited to his mum's wedding. Only one tricky bit left : meeting ED's mum (ex-Mrs BB). My suggestions involve a ready smile, no strong opinions and a fast getaway car.

Finally finished M Jecks; now onto Paul Doherty The Cup Of Ghosts. Set in early 1300s England, it is a typical Doherty : fictional characters who are quite close to real historical power figures (in this case, Isabella, wife of Edward 2 ( E2 made Quentin Crisp look like Rocky Balboa by comparison, IMHO)).

A new group!!!
Listening to ABC Classic FM, caught a wonderful clarinet piece : bright and modern; Julia Lester gave it a big plug. Next thing I know, I've ordered the CD from their record company.
Highly recommended:
In the car, I've had another eclectic mix : Blondie "AutoAmerican" 1980, Al Stewart's recent release "A Beach Full Of Shells", and Steely Dan's "Countdown to Ecstasy" 1973 and "Katy Lied" 1975. Looking forward to Donald Fagen's new release "Morph The Cat" next week.

Only 3 more Saturdays until West Met #1. Will HillsAths post the calendar on

"Exit, stage left"

Friday, March 03, 2006

What tha dealio ?

I note that some 9 days have elapsed since the last post. Either dereliction of duty, or a whole lotta stuff got in the way. You decide.

Running has not suffered:
Thur 23/02 8k at 6am, nice steady pace (42 min), Clean Streets - now this IS strange : saw TWO rabbits in the previously-mentioned spot. Hmm. Does this mean soon there'll be a KR bunny joggers group ?
Fri 24/02 8k, same as Thur (rabbits' rest day)
Sat 25/02 12k at 8am, from Bella Vista through Crestwood, with a tear in the eye through the old stomping ground. Nice and easy, although a trifle warm, although it meant I avoided seeing much of Son's cricket team getting thrashed (innings and 200 runs)
Sun 26/02 22k at 8am, home through Glenwood and onto the M7 to Sunnyholt Rd return home. Equal longest run !!! (also managed a gym session somehow) Now I know I need some sort of water-storage system : either a Camelbak or fuel belt. Any ideas please !!!
Mon 27/02 Rest Day : no argument from my quads on this one. A decision taken quickly and with no remorse
Tue 28/02 10k at 12 noon, work to Richmond Rd return (M7 again!) although this time obstacles were encountered : AbiGroup workers intent on destroying lung capacity through large-scale garden fertilisation programme

February total : 253k, 2nd best Feb ever, with 2 less days than 2004; best ever avg/run over a month (11k), so all in all, a satisfying month for exercise - including a rapid recovery from a cold thoughfully provided by Son.

March : well, my best k's for a March is 258. Current plans suggest 251 - tantalisingly close, so it may be the challenge is taken up. Sunday runs will determine this soon.

Wed 01/3 10k at 7am, Clean Streets but variation

Thur 02/03 9k at 6am, Clean Streets extended. No dogs or rabbits. Ran past the area that is now sub-judice. No comment, just a little eerie given an arrest has occurred. Obscure ? Go to Google and type in "Jody Galante". Shiver.
Fri 02/03 8k at 6am, Clean Streets; 45 min weights workout

Now, back in 2004 I decided to set a yearly km record (vs all years since 1981). I did, but I sure was unmotivated come November, so 2005 saw a drop off although it was still the 4th best year. Something about getting a life and rackin' frackin' varmints etc etc
2006 has seen a resurgence - almost a renaissance - and will possibly set the record for most k's. BUT - it will proceed month by month, niggle by niggle.
Thinking about getting some skins - any comments ?
Perhaps later in the year a Garmin may be on the agenda, although it sits somewhere below a dog for YD and various home appliances.

Quick comments on books and music :

* still reading Michael Jecks, but the end is nigh and Paul Doherty beckons, as does the Abbeys March catalogue... temptation !
* it's been Goon Show 23 this week : 4 episodes from the most recent CD release. It's scary to think how many more CDs could be released (or even the theoretical number if the BBC had actually taped the first shows). And just to show how varied the BB selection can be, we've had Grease soundtrack and some classical selections.
Even been tuning into the radio : mainly ABC classic FM, with a little 702BL - and I have pretty much eliminated Vega FM. A shame. Great concept, poor execution and almost zero ratings. Still, if I followed stations based on ratings, I'd be tuning into One FM (The Edge) and becoming a Hip Hop 40 ish tragic. I'm just not really into Snoop Dogg. Peace Out.