Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The heat is on: Beta believe it

I have unintentionally done three heat training sessions in the past week.
My training has been
Mon 13/11 8k Clean Streets 6am warm
Tue 14/11 10k M7 from Rooty Hill 12.30pm very hot
Wed 15/11 8k Clean Streets 6am mild
Thur 16/11 rest day!
Fri 17/11 10k Clean Streets 5.50am cool
Sat 18/11 19k home/M7/work 11.40am hot
Sun 19/11 12k Clean Streets 9am warm
Mon 20/11 8k Clean Streets 6pm hot
Tue 21/11 8k Clean Streets 6am warm

When I say unintentionally, I mean I had good intentions of getting out earlier in the day, but they just evaporated. So did I in the heat.
Fortunately, I am better prepared nowadays: CR cap, t shirt not singlet, sunscreen, zinc cream, sunnies, fuel belt. It's getting to be like packing for holidays just to head out the door for a run.
Speaking of which, I'll be off air until 01/12. We head to Port Macquarie this Friday, for an over-nighter. I hope to have a run with Minersrun Saturday morning before we drive on to Ballina. We'll be there five nights, and look forward to a restful break. We've decided to go up a notch in accommodation this time as my son will be with us. ED won't as she is 19 and has zero interest in family holidays. Just her friends, casual work, car, boyfriend and vegging. I hope she has a pleasant week with her mother at home. Without my son there, I suspect that fireworks may eventuate. Still, their relationship hasn't been my direct problem for 11 years, so the best of British luck to them.
We are excited about the trip, as it now takes on the title of Family Holiday Of The Year. Previously, all five of us went to Nelson Bay in January (for 10 years), but now we've decided to move the emphasis to later in the calendar year, and Ballina it will be (for all the reasons I have mentioned in previous posts).
I'm hoping to get a run in with Lennox Loper at Lennox Head, just up the road. Other than that, there's plenty of great running areas in Ballina itself.
So, with clear beaches, good weather, great accommodation and most of the family, it's looking good...

I converted my blog to the Beta version recently. The downside is that every time I want to comment on others' blogs, I have to re-log into my new Beta version first. Quite confusing. I wonder if others are having difficulty?

My dad is very excited - he's got tickets to Day 1 of the 1st Ashes test in Brisbane this week. He was disappointed I couldn't get up there, but he asked me to watch the tv, and he promised to wave... caring and sharing !

"Exit, stage left"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

two bunnies, one go girl, zero energy

Since the last post I've run
Fri 12k
Sat 12k
Sun 18k

Friday I saw another cousin of the rabbit at Rouse Hill. So that made two bunnies on Friday: him and me; me for getting up yet again at 5am! Aurora Musis amica.

Saturday was an "easy" 12k run, except I didn't get going until 10.30am. It was hot. I decided to go one way, head to Quakers Hill local shops, and request a lift from Mrs BB and YD. I arrived hot and sweaty with 6 y/o YD looking very much the picture of maturity and modernity, front seat, feet up on dashboard, reading... I feel old.

Sunday was a longer effort, 18k with Gogirl on her first longer run since comeback: KR to Quakers Hill/M7 to KR. I was glad it was a 7am start, as the humidity certainly built up, in inverse proportion to my fuel belt contents. Miners, 2P and all others will be pleased to know that she seemed pretty comfortable over the distance, had little trouble with breathing or conversing, and so it would appear that you should all note: Six Foot Track is coming!

After the run I had a welcome shower, and hit the gym for some weights. Strangely, my legs did not respond and I concentrated on doing a few upper body weights while watching music videos and hoping the time scooted along. Upon returning home, after lunch and a few plays with YD, I rested...and then had another rest. Now it's time for dinner and watching Seinfeld season 7...and another rest.

"Exit, stage left"...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Catch up: it's wabbit huntin' season

I don't think Elmer Fudd had to do a lot of extra k's to make up for being sick over a weekend.

I have:
Monday (as mentioned) 12k
Tuesday 11k, Wednesday 11k, Thursday 10k.
How's this: all at 5:40am, after a 5am start. That's about 10k more than I should, but here's the rub: no day off until next Thursday, meaning about 10 runs covering 112k, Normally it's 6 runs for 65k. I feel tired already...

Now, I'm no shift worker, but I feel like I understand their biorhythm problems. Around 10:30am at work I'm ready for a Constanza nap under the desk. No such luck.

I'm desperately trying to get these extra k's in so I can hit 261+k's for November, to beat my 2004 record. Mrs BB now looks at me oddly, or at least askance, and suggests I should not have done Stats in my Economics degree way back when. Compulsive Obsessive were two adjectives tossed about. I might add neurotic, but only about running.

This morning I changed route and headed up the road to Rouse Hill, where the on-road is at least a little less filled with construction equipment and eager tradesmen.

After passing the dog training oval, I skirted around the road parallel to Windsor Rd (but set way back), separated by a huge open grassed area. Bounding along this open area was a big bunny with a white stripe down its back. It outpaced me as it headed for the safety of the bushes.
I wondered if it had any relatives or friends over at Kellyville Ridge that used to outpace me there too...

Well, the NSW Government has outdone itself. Not content with farcical comedy surrounding potential MP's (Koperberg), we now have three actual Labor MP's in trouble. You name it, speeding, misleading parliament and now child sex charges. Peter Debnam must be thinking "how easy can next year be" and "thank you Brogden for your hubris attack".
Morris Iemma may well be wishing he was back in the Water portfolio. At least he could have a crack at blaming Little Johnny...

Borat's here Monday - I wonder what cultural learnings he will make benefit from Sydney?

"exit, stage left"

Monday, November 06, 2006

pre-Cup Trifecta

1. no CR greeted me around the Tan - again!
2. left CR cap behind in hotel (still have two left)
3. picked up virus from colleagues while in Melbourne - no running over weekend!

Oh, and the indian summer has become the spring downpour. I feel like it's July still, as the temperature has become what is technically known as not warm.

Still, YD's big dance concert on Saturday night at Hills Centre was a very bright spot - $28 a ticket for the unknown. Some high quality, some rusty numbers and some unintentionally humorous pieces from a broad spectrum of ages. YD did well and enjoyed her two numbers. The BB family was thrilled, although Son was annoyed I boycotted his idea of surreptitiously listening to the RL test during the evening. As it turned out, Australia lost so he wasn't that upset. Manners maketh the man. He's still a very young man.

Only 39k since last post, although I managed 12k today; a comeback of sorts.

Some self-pressure to beat 2004 November k's, so plenty of solid runs ahead this month, including some at Port Macquarie and Ballina. Did I mention how much we love Ballina?
It's such a lovely town, with all the benefits of surf, "harbour" swimming conditions and great areas for runing and cycling. It even has a marked off-road bike plan. Some might suggest this is more than Sydney has.
It has a good infrastructure, with the usual and expected shops, schools and medical services. Even sport and culture, more so with Lismore just 30 min down the road.

Still, a few more years before serious consideration will be given to relocation, For now, we'll do with another holiday jaunt.

As usual, plenty happening on the Sydney news scene to keep us amused. Phil Koperberg's entry to state politics has dredged up a pretty pathetic attempt to smear him; I'm sure Paul Gibson will work closely with him - after all, they made the same mistake about the same woman, just a few years apart.
Oh well, at least we'll have some proper humour when Borat hits town soon...

"exit, stage left"