Saturday, February 19, 2011

Twilight blogging

Most online time is spent on Facebook rather than blogging nowadays, hence the lack of posts. This is in complete contrast to Andrew, who manages daily blog updates, but seems to do little on FB. I must say congratulations for doing so, as it requires more dedication but provides more detail.

Plenty of running happening: SMC races, CR Twilight and Hills 3k time trials. It's a consistent training plan and pattern, so I seem to be doing okay, although the odd niggle and minor injury keeps me alert, and supporting the physio and chiro.

Lst night was a fun though testing CR Twilight at Homebush Bay. Put on by CR Freezer who is a Facebook friend and an actual friend, it was a nice flat course which produced some decent times ( I managed 5k in 24:30, with a neg split 12:17/12:13). Additionally, it was a great social occasion, with quite a few sticking around to re-fuel and chat.

That's what draws me to running: keeping fit but not being constantly competitive, keeping healthy, mixing with other runners and calling some of them your friends. With them, you can run still under pressure, finish good bad or indifferent, cop some trash talk and give it back - all good naturedly - and have a chat afterwards. And then the jokes fly on Facebook.

Here's a photo of two of the three running colleagues who are good friends. The other one - thomo - wisely rested up last night to avoid injury, but he'll be there at SMC tomorrow doing the 10k, as part of the 3 52's: me, Andrew and thomo. I swiftly add Alison is nowhere near that age...

Mind you, the three of us don't act 52: bis pueri senes

Exit, stage left