Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wet Contentious April

"Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May; but at length the season of summer does come. " Thomas Carlyle

I can well imagine April in Scotland mid 19th century was similar to Sydney in 2007. Storms. Wet. Cold. And a few sunny days to unbalance us. Difficult weather for training outdoors. Certainly unmotivating for blog updates.

Plenty happened though. We've had Mrs BB's birthday celebrations, school holidays, a couple of days annual leave, movies, soccer season commencement. But no West Mets. Looks like Son's games will clash, so 2007 won't see me at many runs. A shame, as the competition is finally getting some airtime on the forum. Still, I'm managing to get some decent and consistent training in: generally 6 runs per week, varying from 8k to 15k, with two weights sessions per week. I've run at lunchtime twice, doing the regular 8k M7 course, and managed a PB (38:30, with an 18:15 back 4k). For those with a thirst for statistics, since last post (06 Apr), I've done 165k over 17 runs. And 7 weights sessions. So now you know.

I missed last week's Hills Athletics 3k Time Trial because it's the end of financial year at work, and we need to ensure targets are met. Sell Sell Sell. So I struggled home after the run started, rather annoyed. Still, I upped the ante a little over the next few runs in a pitiful attempt to compensate.

No cycling this month, so my One Big Ride hasn't happened yet. Hopefully Sunday, weather permitting.

It's been Retro week for music: the gym has been showing 80's video hits such as Tucker's Daughter (she's a memory) and Unguarded Moment. In my car, I've been spinning Al Stewart CDs constantly.

On the book front, my library books are being ploughed through: currently nearly through Susanna Gregory's The Tarnished Chalice. Having followed her 14th century physician's adventures for about 10 years now, I am heartily wishing he locates his lady love. While Lincoln is interesting, Cambridge seems to have more action and scope for wry humour. Interesting to learn that the author has spent some time in the Antarctic. Maybe to avoid Writer's Block. Sometimes you can just freeze.

Not much in Blogland. It seems Marcia is still recovering from Easter in Brisvegas. Tesso recently completed the Canberra 50k in impresssive time; although Robert Song pulled out beforehand with a hammy - now that is unlucky, as he was training really well. Paul did complete the Canberra Marathon, and has obviously remained severely deydrated, as he has now set some enormous race plans. Go Girl has been unable to get into her Blog since Australia Day, but fear not, her training is going exceptionally well and she ran a PB of 3:45 at Canberra. Mrs BB and I see her out regularly. Don Juan may really have done a Boo Radley. Or else he's secretly training and recovering. I wonder if anyone on CR will ever do another Blog Update?

Politics is a little lame at present. Even Honest John's Vision wasn't funny (I never thought it would be inspiring). At least we have one political Blog for entertainment. And I suppose seing Alan Jones get a suspended sentence was amusing. Bring back Jim Killen and Fred Daly, I say...

"Exit, stage left"

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Novel Easter

Having finally shaken off the virus that was scared to leave, I have managed to do some decent training.

77k in eight runs, with some sprints tacked onto the end of a 10k hit out. I'm finding the cooler weather more tolerable, and mornings are great for training as it's light at 6am, yet dark at 6:30pm - so I get peace and quiet from the kids in the street who presumably have been herded inside in a vain attempt to remove years of caked dirt. I haven't met Linus, but I'm sure Pig Pen resides nearby.

Pretty much the usual runs during the week, with two distances: 8k and 10k. The decision to do either is based on how I feel at 5:20am. I've made the transition from singlets to T Shirts, so Autumn has arrived. Forget the autumnal equinox; seasons change when clothes do.

I rarely see Go Girl out running - yet she sees Mrs BB with clockwork regularity. Now I know it's because of when she trains. How do I know? Well...

West Met started last week, at Haberfield (by tradition). As Son and I warmed up, Go Girl wandered over! Yes I was very surprised - heavens to murgatroyd!
Seems HillsAths1 has finally convinced her to do the West Met series (longer distance = 8k).
Go Boy did the 2k race with us, and finished well. Son did about 7:48, finishing 15th, and I managed 8:48 (below last year's 8:16 PB, after enjoying lunch too freely).

It was great to be back in the series, albeit briefly. Son has resumed soccer and I'm sure his game time will preclude me from doing too many of the runs. A shame, as they are good motivation for winter training during the week when things get dark and colder.

I have been surreptitiously browsing blogs without commenting on many, although mention must be made of Marcia's : it's not often your husband confronts an angry shark and walks away shaken but not stirred (a little Bond joke there).

The past week or so has seen the hunt for a new Account Manager draw to a successful conclusion. Now to sign them up next week. I like doing two jobs but sadly my company refused to pay me the equivalent salary package. Work Choices again, I fear.

And now for a great scam that has eluded me but no doubt all others are aware of.

I have discovered that being a fanatical devotee of Historical Mysteries, with many favourite authors, causes a large drain on the cash flow. Additonally, the large bookcase we purchased a few years ago has moved from full to groaning. Imagine my delight on both counts when browsing the Blacktown library online catalogue. With four actual branch libraries, this service enables one to reserve and transfer books for pickup at one's most convenient branch.
As well, they have a remarkable selection of HM books I have on my list and despaired of reading because they were
a. out of print
b. still in hardcover with no immediate plans for paperback release

Going a little crazy, I reserved 12 and now have 9 to read in three weeks and 3 more to pick up this week. I've managed one by Amy Myers, and am now onto Alan Gordon.

Musically, it's a minor renaissance week, as Wings has been spinning around the car DC player: Red Rose Speedway, Band On The Run, Venus And Mars, and London Town (just couldn't bring myself to put on Speed Of Sound, or I'd be subjected to Linda's Cook Of The House).

I think only Robert Song, Tesso and Marcia would remember these offerings.

So Easter is here. I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe time and reflects on what, if anything , it means to them. To us, it's about Resurrection and Hope.

Edit: We had a family BBQ today, with all five of us (plus Max). As we started, things went crazy in the nearby street. Ambo and Police sirens followed by the Careflight helicopter landing nearby in our school. Here is what happened. Unbelievably tragic. He was a Kindy student at our school.

The events of the afternoon made us consider many things. I hugged my kids a little closer.

Have a safe Easter everyone.