Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Slog

It's really difficult to keep this blog updated. I tend to spend more time on Facebook and coolrunning, and conversing that way. I don't know how Andrew manages all of them. Tesso has given up on blogging, but is definitely active on Facebook.

The West Met season is drawing to a close, and this year I've been pretty active: 10/12 races, and plan to do 13 in total.

Since last post, I've raced
* #9 Bella Vista - new XC course; 4k in 19:48 with a strong finish
* #10 Prospect - uphill/downhill path; 4k in 19:46 min - great last 2k with last 500m in 2:06 min
* #11 Emu Plains - tough riverside XC bikepath; 4k in 24:53 min, smashing last year's disappointing 26:54
* #12 Cowells Lane Ermington - relatively comfortable XC; 4k in 20:32, beating last year's 21:20

Upcoming: #13 Greystanes next week, then Handicap event at Rydalmere, then #14 Bella Vista again, and that'll about do me; I don't feel like running a non-points score at Dundas again.

Recommended viewing: ":30 seconds" 6 episode tv series, originally aired on Foxtel but recently late Saturday night on ABC. Loved it, bought the DVD. It's to Advertising what Frontline was to Current Affairs.

Recommended reading: Don Watson: "Bendable Learnings. The Wisdom of Modern Management". This is just the book to sooth my frayed nerves after dealing with business-speak each working day. Here's the publisher's blurb, which puts it succinctly:

"Mission statements are everywhere: you have to have one, whether you're a Fortune 500 company, a hedge fund, a primary school, a church or a hockey club. Without a mission statement, who would know what your values are, or what your culture is? And how then, going forward, will you get buy-in on your strategy and uptake of your brand? The language of modern management has triumphed, transforming clear, everyday communication into meaningless sludge. To sound professional, you must express everything in abstract nouns, and each noun in terms of another one; you must talk about synergy and strategy, uptake and outcomes and outputs and inputs, key performance indicators and drivers and customer experience - even if your 'customers' are in fact patients in your hospital. This language is deliberately obscure and falsely scientific; what is more worrying, those who use it have lost the very ability to think clearly."


21/08 could be a date that will deliver more satire. Tony Abbott's bumbling team could be elected to govern Australia. Common sense, decency and logic suggest that won't happen, however it's possible that this could occur thanks to some dog-whistling people who live in Sydney and Brisbane. I try not to think about this too much as I like my blood pressure where it is. Climate Change inaction, Work Choices, condescension to women generally, a fanatical devotion to all the wrong things about Roman Catholicism, an unusual interpretation of truth-telling. Need I go on?

On a more humorous note, it seems that Anakin Skywalker is back and short of funds.

Amoto quaeramus seria ludo.

"exit, stage left"