Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vivian Greene is probably a runner too

Two races to report since last time.
1. CR Twilight #2 Bay Run: 5k in 25:30. Surprisingly slightly slower effort than last time, but felt good in mild conditions. A nice family "picnic dinner" with the BB and Joestat families afterwards. The New Year's Day Twilight promises to be Daryl Eastlake-style HUUUGE!.
2. SMC today: 10k in 53:20, slightly slower than last month, but be fair: the weather was too hot, too greedy.
Joestat did a little under plan, as did other CR's I spoke with. I feel okay after that survey. It couldn't be simply age.

Friday night saw me host CR Twilight #2 at Glenwood. A comfortable jog along the M7 with a small hill to keep runners honest. The weather was quite uncomfortable: 33 and high humidity, with storms around. Total runners: eleven - one louder.
Everyone did the 5k; it was just too uncomfortable! You'd have to be mad to have run then; fortunately I didn't, I just co-ordinated the event. Great help from Joestat at 1/2 way and Mrs BB with marshalling and catering. A good social event.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain"

Next social event: we're hosting a Uni college 30 year reunion next Friday, with some guests making the intrastate trip. BBQ, a few whites and tall stories. Plus photos for posterity and comparison, plus the intent of making it bigger next year.

Thanks to eBay, CDWOW and Fishpond, I can buy hard-to-get CD imports quite cheaply. Just arrived: Manhattan Transfer's new one "The Chick Corea Songbook". I'd expect to pay $35 imported through regular channels; it cost me $25 including postage. Mairchick. Next one: 09/12 Jimmy Buffett's new "Buffet Hotel". That's Buffet, not Buffett. Naturally a compulsory purchase.

Lindsay Davis has bounced back with a huge new novel, and I mean huge. At 730 hardback pages, it's a story set during the English Civil War: Rebels and Traitors.

Wow! If only I could have studied history this way at school and Uni, I would have enjoyed it even more. You might say that there is plenty of background information and that it leaves you better informed. It is well researched, and a good read too. Recommended. Now I've just started the Medieval Murderers latest: "King Arthur's Bones". Good reading!

Cave ab homine unius libri

"Exit, stage left"