Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Money Month

Interestingly, 14/2/66 was the date when Australia converted to decimal currency. Recall Dollar Bill?

Even more interestingly, the UK converted on 15/02/71.

So definitely the Money Month. Similarly for me and running: a strong SMC 10k (best since 2007), a decent CR Twilight Bay Run reverse 5k, a 13k run around Lake Burley Griffin and 235k in total.
March should see a couple more fun runs - Girraween Club host some pre-West Met Saturday afternoon races - then early April will be the start of West Met, at Haberfield.

Easing back into weights as I work through the subscapularis injury, but at least I can go to the gym with Mrs BB, do some exercises, light weights and have a chat.

Sydney weather is pleasant: humid, warm but definitely swimming-friendly.

Not much else happening. Oh, other than putting our house on the market next week and hopefully then buying the Dream House we've seen.

Now if only I could get some pro bono for pro domo...

"Exit, stage left"