Sunday, September 17, 2006

Well I looked into the crowd the other night...

...and I saw an old familiar face.

Today, before the start of the Castle Hill Orange Blossom 8k, I had that feeling. Watched the finish of the 4k and saw Cindy, a runner I used to pass most mornings back in my Crestwood days. Then I saw Silvano's wife complete it - also used to go past her even more often. I had a chat with her and then Silvano later when we lined up for the start. They worked out we moved last year, because they hadn't seen me or Mrs BB out and about exercising for over a year. Funny how you know but don't know those you see exercising regularly. In my case, I passed these people for over seven years, and probably spoke more today than in those seven.

Today's race was excellent. I met CRs Colin, Martin Dugdale and Louie. It was great to chat with these gents, and hear what their training/racing plans were. I admire that sort of dedication. Colin was the official pace-setter, riding a bike along the course to help the front runners. It was a good mix of a course: road, bikepath, dirt, flat, some hills, all traffic-free.
I couldn't spot any km markers, so went off internal estimated pace. I wanted to do 40 min, or 5 min/km, but didn't know what the course would be like. My son wanted to beat me. I had an advantage: he had done well in the West Met series, but they were 2k races and he hadn't done any serious exercise since soccer season 2005. Still, I thought he'd beat me, and finish in 38 min. He predicted 42.50 min.
As it turned out, I smashed him, completing the course in 39.50 with Justin doing 42.55 - pretty close to his estimated time (which was an easy target to hit). He was spent, no question, and showed his level of unfitness. I passed him before the halfway turnaround, and even then I felt he wasn't going to re-challenge. Secretly, I was very pleased. It's good to contribute to a lower reading on the cockiness meter.
It was a good-value run; only $10 ($5 for U18s), friendly community atmosphere (lots of "go Hills!" for me as I was wearing my HIlls Athletics singlet - and, naturally, CR cap), challenging mixed course, free drink bottle, "lucky door prizes" at the end. In all, HillsAths did an excellent job. Congrats Steve!

Exercise has been pretty good since last post:
Wed day off (ahhh - relaxing sleep in until 7am)
Thur 8k Clean Streets at 6am - fresh but not cold - the Nike long tights are now mothballed for another year
Fri 18k home/Quakers Hill/Riverstone library 2.15pm
Sat 12k Clean Streets 10am, weights at BLC
Sun 8k Fun Run

Monday is an annual leave day, so will be spending some of it at school. It's Education Week, so YD will be showcasing Kindergarten. I really enjoy being able to be at her school weekly to pick her up Friday pm (my company finishes Fridays at 1pm), and look forward to visiting her classroom tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to pick her up Friday as she was home sick with a cold; still, we managed to get to the library in the afternoon. Mrs BB and she met me there while I took the slow running option.

At last Spring has arrived with warm weather; the combination of solar heating and pool blanket has translated into 30 degrees water temp, meaning swimming for me and YD. Sensibly, Mrs BB is waiting for real warmth: 32 degrees min. She tells me it's a female thing (but not for six year old females, obviously).

On the music front, I am eagerly awaiting the new Elton John CD due out 23/09, while Mrs BB is keen for Tesso's Sherbet concert review.

The AFL finals series gathers momentum, but I still remain three points (1.5 games) behind Don Juan, who must be combining swimming with floatation-style meditation, as he still leads the field on goal difference.

Robert Song (GR) still persists in starting each blog posting with a line from a non-mainstream song; I am more generous and forgiving of my audience. You have a good shot of picking the song in my blog posts, as long as you have a good working knowledge of all things 70s/80s...

"Exit, stage left"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The old get old and the young get stronger

If you know this song, you'll also know what time I went for a run today. Did the M7 south 10k, yesterday the M7 north 10k. Great path, no interruptions, only a couple of cyclists to break the mood.
The title also refers to my "battle" with my son. At least that's how he sees it. He's 16, slightly taller than me, and will keep growing.
Can't say he's sensitive, although his maths is good. He suggested a BIG celebration in two years time, when he turns 18, his eldest sister 21, and me 50 - he seemed to dwell on that last one. I thanked him for his idea and asked him to come up with a winning plan that involves him forking out the dough. That shut him up. He's good with money management too.
His big challenge is definitely just to beat me in Sunday's 8k. I'm scared to start in front of him. Hope Steve W has organised metal detectors.

So the QLD election is over, and the funniest part was Bruce Flegg not knowing he had four sons (well, he was one off - maybe he watches too much old Fred McMurray tv shows).
Soon we'll have VIC, then our own turn. It's such a shame that all the efforts of the last 19th century to fully democratise Australia have been partly wasted, since many are apathetic, driven by their perception that there is little real difference between the two majors. They're correct.
This could easily slip into a lecture along the lines of "those were the good old days", but at least when I was in my formative years, I knew the distinction:
Whitlam was a god, Fraser was a bastard.
Nowadays, I almost pity Johnny, for it seems clear to most of my group that he doesn't have vision, he has myopia.

Enough, the blood pressure rises...

A couple of medium runs plus weights is the plan until the weekend. Looks like the runs will be 6am ie before work!
It's been so long since hitting the streets at this time, I'll need to reaquaint myself with all the old regulars. Wonder if GoGirl will be out there?!

"exit, stage left"

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I feel a little crazy, I feel a little strange

Since Robert Song has recently commenced his blogs with a song reference (and Miners has been doing the Movie thing) I thought I'd do the song bit too. This one's pretty easy. I certainly have felt a little out of sorts: having TWO consecutive days off running to give the hips/back/legs some rest, running in sub-arctic conditions today AND only doing 11k because of the rain. Weird. I thought Spring had sprung. Not so.
Recent runs had been reasonable:283k for August, and Sep off to a good start - 86k so far. Last Saturday's 18k to work was sound, as was Tuesday's 6am 12k around the Clean Streets. Otherwise, forgettable.
Next Sunday sees the Baulkham Hills Orange Blossom Festival conclude, and HillsAths1 has organised a fun run (actually, three - 2k, 4k, 8k). I think I have persuaded Son to do the 8k with me; he is trying to figure out if he can last 8k and so beat me - the primary objective. The course is good - Castle Hill Showground through bike path/bushland to Fred Caterson Reserve and return. I may look indecisive wearing my Hills Athletics singlet and CR cap.

Mrs BB is pleased as I bought the newly-released Diana Krall CD today: "From This Moment On". Currently unreviewed by the BB household. I imagine Diana and Declan will be pretty busy from now on until Christmas, when the baby is due.
I am very pleased as I picked up Nilsson's "Schmilson In The Night-As Time Goes By" sessions CD (23 tracks) for $9 from JB today. I think he and then Linda Ronstadt started this whole retro thing (I would say that pre-1974 was already retro).
There is a whole flashback thing happening now, as new releases are due this month from Carly Simon and Elton John. Reg's work over the past 14 years has been bland, however I am swayed into purchasing his new CD, as it promises to be an update of the autobiographical "Captain Fantastic" 1975 CD, called "The Captain And The Kid".
Also imminent is Scared Weird Little Guys' new CD: "Mindless Stupidity For The Thinking Person". I'll snap that one up.

Having been an interested observer in Austraian political life for 30 years, including some incidental study as part of an Economics degree at that hotbed of revolution, Macquarie University, I can only once again shake my head in a knowing way. Queensland politics has always fascinated me. How Sir Joh stayed around in power so long I can't fathom. To southerners, his pronouncements were entertaining eg Crane Index, attempted explanation of the separation of powers under the Westminster System, but surely only sycophants never questioned him???
Now we have a fourth term for Honest Peter, whose current campaign appeared to consist of boldly acknowledging that everything was pretty much a mess, but he would try to fix it if he was returned. That and his belief that the election result would turn on a knife-edge. I imagine having only a 67% majority must be stressful. Incredible. I suppose Dr Flegg will get to know his seven Liberal colleagues all the better now that he has confirmed his intention to remain leader of 10% of the parliament. After all, he has managed to increase his team by 33% - from six to eight. Again - incredible!
NB I don't think NSW any better with a choice between Morris Iemma and Peter ???*
Victoria of course is run by Hymie from Get Smart, and WA by a former Stateline presenter.
Don't start on the Federal Sphere. What can you expect when the first and twenty-fifth PM went to my school. Even my old Senior prefect (when I was a youngish lad) is now a senior pollie responsible for Water, after being the Spycatcher in 1983... we had a feeling he would go places - he just wouldn't stay there...

"exit, stage left"

* answer: "Debnam" NOT Debman or Debner or The Debster