Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not tempted

You're kidding: 40 days and forty nights since last post!

a. we've moved into a great house
b. we have internet access via Turbo Stick only thanks to iPrimus' incompetence
c. I turned 52 yesterday
d. I also came down with a slight chest virus yesterday - Happy Birthday - it's a regular thing for me; probably since late May tends to see winter hit with a vengeance (never mind the official start)
e. I've competed in two more West Mets:
Ermington where I managed a 19:30 PB for 4k
Dundas where I struggled to 28:20 for 5k (which was 5.2k and the hardest course based on much feedback)

Additionally I've been to Melbourne six times this year already and still haven't found a time to catch up with Andrew, or even run again with DiJ.

Work continues to present new challenges; no different for most people I guess. Sometimes I wonder how many more years I can continue with the relentless stress and pressure of hitting sales/profit targets. Other times I ponder less concernedly over a decent NZ Sav Blanc. Not for me Andrew's "month without wine" month. I might be a practicing vegetarian, but I'm not obsessive. Well okay I am.

It's been interesting to watch the Mad Monk's musings lately. Too many funny moments to list. I think the Federal Election will be close, with Labor holding seats but not gaining. That's bad for democracy - because the LNP comedians won't have learned that they need policy development to be considered by the electorate. If they stopped believing in their God-given right to govern, blowing dog whistles instead of providing debate, then we just might have a better system here. How do you feel?

Dum spiro, spero

"Exit, stage left"