Sunday, September 11, 2011

How poor are they that have not patience!

Managed my first competitive run since February. Happy that the bursitis/hip held up well and isn't causing grief a few hours afterwards - this HAS happened to me before with other injuries.
Orange Blossom Castle Hill 4k in 20:40; nice and comfortable run and not out of breath at the end.
There is one Big Hill which we had to do twice, but I got through that okay.

A lovely sunny Sydney Spring morning.

Right now I'm running every second day and walking with Mrs BB and Max the wonder Jack Russell on other days. This is a step up from just walking during Mar - Aug. The first few runs were terrible - no cardio fitness and wobbly legs.

Recently I've managed 6k-10k with cardio okay. I can still feel a little niggle in the bursitis area but nothing like it was. Glad I finally had the MRI to see what was wrong. Annoyed I waited that long.

So Spring is here and running awaits. Nothing too soon, too far or too fast, but I feel like now the long winter of discontent is over.

Die dulci fruere.

"Exit, stage left"