Friday, August 20, 2010

One Vote of Commitment

At least in the 1970's there were real issues with real political parties and real policies.
Something to believe in. Something to fight for, no matter what you believed:
"Shame Fraser, Shame"
"Turn on the lights, Australia"

Not like today, right?


There's even more to fight for. Even more to believe in. Many of us now worry about what world will our kids grow up in.
So if you don't like what's happening, do something.
This is what I said on Facebook:

Please vote tomorrow. Think about it, but vote. Too many people have fought hard and long for your privilege.
If you don't like any candidates, then get off your a*** over the next three years and do something. Agitate. Inform. Protest. Investigate. Stand for election. Write.
Lots to do.
Important discoveries, events and... societal-changing times weren't driven by self-serving "what's in it for me" cynical Tweeters

I plan to be more actively involved, especially if the voters of Western Sydney and SE Qld elect Rabbit.

Climate Change, Health, Education, Technology and human dignity are worth fighting for and over. How about you?