Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sail Sail Sail

You'd need to know I am in Sales to perhaps get the post title, along with three things in this post. You'll pick them as as you go...

Since last post, I've managed 62k in 6 runs, plus two weights sessions.
There were two highlights
1. work trip to Auckland, the City Of Sails. Managed two enjoyable early morning runs along the waterfront: Tuesday 16k along Tamaki Drive, which is kind of like running around our harbour. Wednesday was 10k west towards their Harbour Bridge, at Waitemata Harbour. Both great runs, with the added bonus of pleasant early morning conditions. If I'd been home on Wednesday, I doubt I'd have run: 14.3 max and the coldest/wettest October day since 1978.

2. St Mary's 8k fun run today. I backed up from 36:18 last year, and this time there was no Thalia to pace me, or indeed two other colleagues who I'd hoped would show. Based on my current pace, and my hammy/glute niggles, I expected to do around 38 min. As it turned out, I sailed along all the way to manage 37:21, so am pretty pleased with the run, following up last week's cruisy SMH 10k. A couple of surprise Marshalls on the course: John (SMC 42k) and Luis (Sailaway). I wore my SMC singlet (which is brilliant: really well constructed) which made them both, separately, very pleased. It's the only time I've got a "go Clinic" even though I was also wearing my CR cap - which Mrs BB got name-embroidered for me at Castle Hill.
Mate Joe managed sub 32, so he was very pleased. Talk about a quality field: Jamie Harrison fronted to defend his 2007 title, but was knocked off by a guy from my suburb. Anthony Ferrugia was there, after finishing second in last week's SMC half, along with at least three other high quality runners. Friend Jen didn't show, citing golfing duties, so her daughter wasn't there to defend her 2007 title either. I'm looking forward to seeing the results when posted.
It's a really fine run; lovely and flat local suburban streets, well marshalled, plenty of water stations, km's marked, finishing on the school sportsfield under the football posts and with a large clock to show your time. All this plus nice personalised certificates, oranges and water at the finish. On the day $10, pre-entry $7. As Arnie says, I'll be back.

What's next Greg? Well, SMC #2 is not until 16/11, so it's just normal running for me, plus a little bit of TLC at the physio's. I'd like to be able to lift my left leg while running, and also comfortably turn over in bed. Yes, 50 is the new whinging age I know.

Next week sees the second phase of our 10th Anniversary celebrations: My Fair Lady at the Theatre Royal in town. We decided to see Richard E Grant's performance, rather than Reg Livermore. He was great in The Producers, so now it's Rick's turn.

Other than that, sadly nothing of earth-shattering significance to report. I'm currently working my way through Kate Sedley's "The Green Man", her 17th escapade of Roger The Chapman, set in England in 1492. Light entertainment, and I've been reading her series since they started in 1991 (although interestingly Roger has only lived through about seven actual years since the first novel).

Politically, who'd want to be Nathan Rees? He certainly can't feel the love right now. I think if he joined the Keystone Kops they would kick him out for for being too incompetent even for them.

Amantes sunt amentes

"Exit, stage left"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running 101

Well today was a most enjoyable first SMC run: this season I'm stepping back up to the 10k, with the aim of participating and improving - the basics. With that in mind, I managed 39th in 51:47 today, and
a. it was within the time I expected
b. it was unrushed and unstressed
I cruised through the last k in 4:42 yet my finishing pulse was only 152 (compared with around 180 normally). That's very pleasing and proof that it was a most relaxed run, almost like a normal Sunday morning jog but faster.
Mate Joe managed 41:xx and his friend Michael from Newcastle who came with us was even happier, winning in 37:xx, with plans to get to 35 during the series. I was pleased just to be able to offer them a lift. Speed by association...

Next weekend sees the second leg of the St Mary's double, this time the South Public School. I'm hoping just for a decent run, say under 39 min for the 8k, not expecting to get anywhere near the 36:18 last year. I doubt that Thalia wants to use me as a pacer this year, as she'll be looking to better 36 and I doubt I could get near last year's time in current form. I am enjoying just running for health and fitness rather than speed. Plus I am watching the old hammy niggle.
Expecting a decent CR turnout too.

Philip Kerr has produced another masterpiece "A Quiet Flame", the fifth outing in the Bernie Gunther series, this time set in 1950's Argentina, with Bernie seeing parallels between his current case and that unsuccessfully pursued in 1932 Berlin. Think a German Sam Spade. Riveting stuff.

Did you ever play sport at school where two captains took turns to choose their team from all students present?
Imaging being the those captains and having Nathan Rees or Barry O'Farrell as your choice. Worse, imagine you can't even make that choice for more than two years. Us NSW state voters are in that position. Using that analogy, if I was choosing, I'd choose to merge with another school, in this case the Federal Govt. At least in that school they have better hand/eye co-ordination and some appeal. Nathan seems to model himself on Phillip Marlowe, and Barry is a kind of Everyman's Billy Bunter with verbal diarrhoea.

Palmam qui meruit ferat

"Exit, stage left"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

No average (,) tale of the century

Well this is definitely one for the statistical fans out there.

We've just returned from holidaying on the GC and then Ballina. Wonderful spots, very relaxing and plenty of training.
I had planned to run with the Southport Runners Sunday morning 6:30am, but thanks to Jetstar's 6 hour flight delay, we didn't arrive at our accommodation until after 10pm Saturday night, so didn't feel like a super early start. Still, I ran south around 7:30am and saw what must have been the rather large group relaxing by the pool. Thanks Jetstar. We won't be flying to Coolangatta next time; we'll go to Brisbane with Qantas and drive...

I ran six times while on hols, for 72k in total. Both Biggera Waters and Ballina are great for flat, scenic running, and I managed a 16k Sunday, then 14k, then 12k. Driving down to Ballina, I managed 12k, then 10k, then 8k. So averaging 13k not 10k per run, and my legs felt it, as can be seen by the decreasing distances!

Caught up with Tesso for afternoon tea on the Tuesday - she was kind enough to drive down from Brissie to have coffee and meet Mrs BB and YD. She also brought me a present: a trendy Hawaiian shirt. I just had to wear it, and just had to include the photo of the four of us!

Thanks Tesso, it was great to see you and hope we'll catch up in Sydney before too long.
Now this is my hundredth post, and if you add together my age and Tesso's you get 100! Freaky stuff! At least we have a better chance at better places in races now. Although it hasn't helped me since May, and I doubt Tesso will need much help once her hammy is fully recovered! For now, she's a speed demon in the pool.

A few races coming up: start of the SMC next Sunday, and I'll be stepping up to the 10k, along with mate Joe. The following week is the St Mary's South 8k, and I'm looking forward to doing a fast time and seeing a few running friends from last year's race.

Still two more days of annual leave before BTW. Time to mow the lawn, take YD to school and celebrate 10 years of marriage with Mrs BB!

"The first ten years of a marriage are spent resolving differences of thoughts, habits, ways of doing things, likes and dislikes."
Possibly, although I think this time around I've been rather luckier than most. Again, statistically, maybe I'm batting better than average when I add together
1. nine years unsuccessful marriage
2. ten years very successful marriage (plus three years successfully as "partners")

Now I just need to knock on wood...

"exit stage left"