Monday, August 01, 2016

haud ignota loquor

When I say that I have been tardy in writing here. Still, I have been writing elsewhere. Indeed, my first play has been performed. A one minute one. About the Anschluss. Cheery stuff. Running continues along quite well, having made a full recovery from a 5 month left leg tibia stress fracture. Parkrun Saturday mornings is sufficient motivation. Other things have made me reconsider and reevaluate: loss of work, loss of a long-standing running friend, loss of innocence, loss of motivation... A feeling of marking time. A need to set goals, to see if there is light ahead, hopefully stretching far into the future. Onto the 2016 Olympics... citius altius fortius Exit, stage left

Monday, July 06, 2015

To years later...

Here we are two years later! I suggest that my impatience and need for a "quick fix" has led to the cessation of posts here. Running continues well. It is fair to say that other aspects of my life are providing a challenge although I believe them to be necessary. Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur!

Monday, October 07, 2013


It's been a long time between drinks. Facebook and Twitter seem to get my attention. Wonder if it's worth getting back on here? Most people now micro-post via Twitter. Sigh. Great Western Sydney Half Marathon 05/10/13 in 1:51:24! Next challenge is ensuring the CR Twilight Series happens perfectly. The SMC 5k series is almost here too, as is a new job...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How poor are they that have not patience!

Managed my first competitive run since February. Happy that the bursitis/hip held up well and isn't causing grief a few hours afterwards - this HAS happened to me before with other injuries.
Orange Blossom Castle Hill 4k in 20:40; nice and comfortable run and not out of breath at the end.
There is one Big Hill which we had to do twice, but I got through that okay.

A lovely sunny Sydney Spring morning.

Right now I'm running every second day and walking with Mrs BB and Max the wonder Jack Russell on other days. This is a step up from just walking during Mar - Aug. The first few runs were terrible - no cardio fitness and wobbly legs.

Recently I've managed 6k-10k with cardio okay. I can still feel a little niggle in the bursitis area but nothing like it was. Glad I finally had the MRI to see what was wrong. Annoyed I waited that long.

So Spring is here and running awaits. Nothing too soon, too far or too fast, but I feel like now the long winter of discontent is over.

Die dulci fruere.

"Exit, stage left"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vague vagaries

I've been a trifle tardy in updating this blog: I see four months has gone by. So has the warm weather.
I've done little running though; a quad injury put paid to that through March and April.
A large mole removal on my right calf, with attendant wide margin and many stitches, put paid to May. The good news is I'm all clear. I've had two weeks with my leg up and no walking even!
I tried running again yesterday :8k in 50 minutes. Tough, but okay. My quads are very heavy today (not injured though, I don't think), so I went for a 68 minute walk with Mrs BB instead.
I'll try a few more walk/jog days before I feel confident I'm okay to run properly again.
Meanwhile life with all its vagaries continues. A close colleague passed away suddenly in late April. The weather is terrible. The Blues are on a roll. My family is well. Wine tastes good.

quid sit futurum cras, fuge quaerere

For now, "exit stage left"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Twilight blogging

Most online time is spent on Facebook rather than blogging nowadays, hence the lack of posts. This is in complete contrast to Andrew, who manages daily blog updates, but seems to do little on FB. I must say congratulations for doing so, as it requires more dedication but provides more detail.

Plenty of running happening: SMC races, CR Twilight and Hills 3k time trials. It's a consistent training plan and pattern, so I seem to be doing okay, although the odd niggle and minor injury keeps me alert, and supporting the physio and chiro.

Lst night was a fun though testing CR Twilight at Homebush Bay. Put on by CR Freezer who is a Facebook friend and an actual friend, it was a nice flat course which produced some decent times ( I managed 5k in 24:30, with a neg split 12:17/12:13). Additionally, it was a great social occasion, with quite a few sticking around to re-fuel and chat.

That's what draws me to running: keeping fit but not being constantly competitive, keeping healthy, mixing with other runners and calling some of them your friends. With them, you can run still under pressure, finish good bad or indifferent, cop some trash talk and give it back - all good naturedly - and have a chat afterwards. And then the jokes fly on Facebook.

Here's a photo of two of the three running colleagues who are good friends. The other one - thomo - wisely rested up last night to avoid injury, but he'll be there at SMC tomorrow doing the 10k, as part of the 3 52's: me, Andrew and thomo. I swiftly add Alison is nowhere near that age...

Mind you, the three of us don't act 52: bis pueri senes

Exit, stage left

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bling! Bling! Hello? Who is it?

It's me, the proud owner of my first ever running medallion.

Today was St Mary's South 8k Fun Run.

This is a terrific community event. I say a bit more about it here.

For me personally, I was really happy with my race, even though it turns out I ran faster in 2007; back then I had the speedy Thalia pushing me hard through to a quick finish. Today I went out solidly and kept increasing my speed, dropping off runners along the way. I like to go out at a comfortable pace, then pass others rather than them me. It worked: no-one went past me after 500m and I targeted about twelve runners to catch.

My time of 37:43 got me 3rd place in 50-59 group, an engraved medallion and a photo up on the podium. How cool is that?

It really is a great event to get to: $10 entry with stacks of benefits.

It was great to catch up with regular CR's KatierR, slowmc, BeesKnees and meet Lotsahare, Bert, greyhoundracer and Freezer.

I hope they post the photos soon...

"exit, stage left"